Alessio Trerotoli (Roma, 16.10.1981)
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I am an italian photographer, born in Rome. Graduated in 2009 in Disciplines of Arts and Cinema, in the same year I started to travel in Europe and in America, taking pictures and making experiences. My first exhibition was in 2010, since then my pictures were shown in several italian galleries. In 2012 I published my first book, “Fuori dalla caverna”, with notes and pictures of my travels and at the end of the same year I began my most important project, "Urban Melodies", where I depict, through superimpositions, an abstract vision of urban scenes from modern metropolis like Rome, New York, Paris, Berlin and many others. In 2013 I won Abstracta Festival with the picture "There is a light that never goes out" and the year after I won another prize in Urban International Photo Contest. In 2015 I made other projects like "Roma Coast to Coast", a 21km walking trip through my city, and I finished my first 365 Project on Instagram. In 2016 I realized the second part of my "Roma Coast to Coast" and I received a honorable mention at International Photographer of the Year Awards. My "Urban Melodies" project has been featured by Fubiz, The Phoblographer, SRL Lounge, Neoprime Mag, Camerapixo and others international webmagazines. Now I live and work in Rome, waiting for the next travel…
Feel free to write me, just to say hi or to ask me something! I speak italiano, english, français and español.

2010 -
Appunti di viaggio (Galleria Montoro, Roma)
2010 - Appunti di viaggio (Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival, Roma)
2010 - Roma d'estate (La Feltrinelli - Galleria Colonna, Roma)
2011 - Pensieri in arte (Quantum Leap Gallery, Roma)
2011 - Per le strade di New York (La Corte, Roma)
2011 - Pensieri in arte (Galleria Pio Monti, Roma)
2011 - Detour de France (12 Pose, Roma)
2012 - Le mie Americhe (LuMa, Roma)
2014 - Attraversamenti (Eve concept, Roma)
2014 - Urban International (Szomszéd, Budapest and Photo Days Festival, Trieste)
2015 - Istanbul Photo Contest (Culture Centre Sirkeci, Istanbul)
2016 - Roma Street Photography (Roma)
2017 - Marciapiedi (Garage Zero, Roma)

2013 -
BEST PICTURE Abstracta Festival
2014 - 2nd PRIZE (Theme "Water") Urban International Contest
2015 - GOLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD Camerapixo Photography
2016 - HONORABLE MENTION International Photographer of the Year Awards

2016 - MENTION Fine Art Photography Awards

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